Sienna Charles

4 Nights in Nepal

Magical night in NepalBeyond the Everest and the Himalayas lies the "Roof of the World" --Nepal. Embark on a healing and spiritual journey. With breathtaking landscapes and ancient traditions, gain a deeper understanding of not just the country's culture, but of oneself. 

Enter a world of spiritual tranquility. Nepals' natural beauty is a home to the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. Visit the birthplace of Buddha. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Lumbini Garden. Nepal is renowned for its serene atmosphere and breathtaking beauty that creates a sense of timeless wonder. One can immediately feel the lingering ethereal feeling upon entering the country. Creating a deeper connection to the spiritual heritage of this incredible nation. Whether one is seeking enlightenment or simply looking to explore the natural beauty of Nepal, it always has something for everyone.

"Nepal has been one of my favorites. I have no interest in going to Nepal, and the moment I arrived, I became immediately obsessed and it has become one of my favorite countries."

~ Jaclyn

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