Sienna Charles

4 Nights Dining in Korea

Sienna Charles Experiences Dining in KoreaA celebration of culinary tradition with international influence and cutting-edge cuisine innovation. Seoul is a world city that offers more than 30+ Michelin Stars restaurants and some of the best fine dining in the world

Elevating Korean flavors to dizzying new heights, Seoul food traditions extend back centuries. With unique modern twists to the traditional Korean cuisine, one can eat their way through the city in style and tradition-in-one. From the use of premium ingredients like hanwoo beef and fresh seafood, to the unique dining practices like tabletop grilling and the use of Banchan, or small side dishes. Korean cuisine practices a strong emphasis on balance and harmony.  A Korean meal will include a variety of dishes that balance salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, as well as colors like red, green, yellow, and white. This creates a visually stunning meal that is also delicious and satisfying that leaves a lasting impression.

"Seoul, right behind Tokyo, is my all time favorite food city in the world."

~ Jaclyn

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