Sienna Charles

Morning With The Monks

sienna charles morning walk with the monks The stillness of the morning, the tranquil melody of chirping birds and dancing trees, and the gentle breeze as the sun rises from the east. The Art of Sai Baht is an ancient practice of offering food and basic necessities to the monks in exchange for blessings and merit. It is believed that making merit or good karma through giving can help mitigate the effects of acts motivated by greed, jealousy, and hatred. Be greeted by the sigh of saffron-robed monks walking barefoot. The simplicity and humility of their lifestyle is inspiring, and their calm and peaceful demeanor is contagious. The sound of their voices and gentle rhythm of their chanting creates a serene and calming atmosphere that invites stillness within oneself. 

As the morning progresses, experience the opportunity to engage in other activities with the monks. Practicing mindful meditation, sharing a cup of tea, and having a conversation with these wise and compassionate individuals. A truly unique and transformative once-in-a-lifetime experience. Leave with a renewed sense of purpose and deeper appreciation for the beauty of life. 

"The opulent display of grace and reverence left me feeling humbled and inspired, and reminded me of the importance of embracing cultural heritage in business and in life."

~ Jaclyn

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