Sienna Charles

Bordeaux Tour

Exuding refinement and sophistication. Bordeaux is a stunning region in southwestern France that offers visitors a wealth of experiences, including coastal retreats, acclaimed vineyards, and world-class epicurean cuisine

Located along the Atlantic coast, Bordeaux is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse cultural offerings, and renowned wine port city. With over 120 miles of pristine beaches, Bordeaux offers the chance to relax and unwind with wines that are known for their depth, complexity, and elegance. From the historic estates of Saint-Emilion to the modern wineries of the Medoc, one can take part in wine tastings, tours, and workshops to learn more about the art of winemaking and sample some of the finest vintages available. A home to fresh seafood from the Atlantic, one must not miss local specialties like foie gras and confit de canard, and indulge in some of the region's famous cheeses and desserts.

"From the legendary grand crus to the hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Bordeaux is a testament to the French art of living."

~ Jaclyn

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